Stainless Steel Crowns in Winchester

Since the enamel of baby teeth is thinner, cavities tend to spread more easily and usually come to affect a larger area of the tooth. At that point, crowns may be the only way to protect the tooth from premature extraction.

Crowns are used to renew the appearance and function of a tooth. At Valley Pediatric Dentistry, we use stainless steel crowns to help save a tooth and prevent the risk of pain and infection. Stainless steel crowns are long-lasting, and can keep the tooth and root intact until the tooth loss occurs naturally.

Stainless steel crowns are used when your child has:

  • A broken tooth that cannot be repaired by fillings.
  • Decayed teeth where little tooth structure remains.

Your child’s crown can usually be placed during one appointment. The stainless steel crown usually falls out normally when the permanent tooth is ready to come in.

Contact our pediatric dentist in Winchester for more information on stainless steel crowns.