Laser Correction of Lip/Tongue Tie in Winchester

The frenum is a muscular attachment underneath your tongue and between your upper lip and the gums. In some children, if these attachments are too short or thick, they can restrict movement with impacts on nursing, speech, and/or oral hygiene. Our team of doctors is specially trained to evaluate the frenum and determine if correction is needed. You may also find that your pediatrician or a lactation consultant will refer to our team for care.

Our team uses advanced laser treatment for frenectomies, a procedure in which the frenum is released, allowing increased movement of the tongue or lip. The benefits of using a CO2 laser is that your child will have minimal healing time (NO stitches!), faster results, and reduced likelihood of infection. The procedure itself is completed in a short amount of time and babies are able to feed immediately afterward with better results.


  • Difficulty nursing OR bottle feeding
  • Insufficient weight gain (newborns)
  • Excessive gas, colic, or acid reflux
  • Choking on milk or gasping for air
  • Excessive drooling
  • Food entrapment
  • Speech difficulties

If your child is experiencing any of the above, then please contact our office at 540-667-5437 for an evaluation. Our team of doctors also evaluates frenum attachments during routine care at our office.