Emergency Pediatric Dentist Near Me in Winchester

Regular dental checkups for your child are important but are you
prepared for emergencies? Do not overlook the importance of having an
emergency pediatric dentist near you.

When to call an emergency pediatric dentist

An emergency pediatric dentist will handle dental emergencies that
happen to your child. Here are some of them:

Dislodged baby tooth

Baby teeth are eventually lost but they have to remain healthy and
fall off naturally. If a baby’s tooth is dislodged in or out of its
socket, your baby will be in pain. For young children, a dislodged tooth
may happen after a fall. Schedule an emergency appointment to get it
fixed or professionally extracted.

Loose fillings

If your child is older and received a dental filling, the filling may
become loose over time. If the filling is loose or has been lost, an
emergency appointment is required to prevent infection.

Fractured or broken tooth

Do not ignore a crack in your child’s tooth. If they fall and crack a
tooth, see an emergency pediatric dentist to fill in the crack and stop
it from reaching the root.

Fractured jaw

Trauma to the jaw can not only cause it to fracture but can also
fracture the root. Whenever your child experiences trauma to the jaw,
take them for an emergency checkup. Root damages are quite complicated,
it’s better to check things early.

Severe toothache

Your child might suddenly complain of a severe toothache. Whether
it’s explainable or unexplainable, take them for an emergency checkup.
Toothaches sometimes go away on their own but when the pain is severe,
it usually signifies a major problem.

When your child suffers a dental emergency, it’s a stressful time for
you and for them. Calm them down by calling an emergency pediatric
dentist and assure them that they’ll get help. Give us a call at
to speak to an emergency pediatric dentist near Winchester,